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Ordering Tips

Once you select the desired artwork and are transitioned to Zazzle for ordering, there are a variety of helpful options that you have available that will improve your ordering experience.


Join our Email List

Make sure to join our email list so we can provide you with regular discount promotions, updates when new artwork is added to the gallery, and other important information regarding our website and products.


Account Setup

The first time that you purchase an item from Zazzle, you will have to setup a Customer Account on Zazzle.  This Account information will be used for subsequent purchases.


Discount Promotions

Zazzle has regular discount promotions throughout the year.  If you join our email list, we will keep you informed of the larger discount promotions.  When ordering, always check the top of the page in Zazzle for current discount promotions and make sure to enter the discount promotion code in your shopping cart to receive the discount.



Zazzle ships certain products from different locations and will charge separate shipping for each different location an order is shipped from.  To save money on shipping, when checking out, you can become a Zazzle Black Member, which allows you to pay a yearly fee to eliminate shipping costs on all products for the year.  You can signup for either 1) free standard shipping for $9.95 a year or 2) free 2-day shipping for $39.95 a year.


Searching for Product

You can enter Zazzle by selecting the Category or by selecting the Artwork.  Once in Zazzle, you can select the product you desire or you can search in Zazzle by Artwork Category or by Product Type (i.e. women's t-shits, phone cases, etc.).  On the left side of the page, there is a Store Home menu option that you can select and this will bring you to the top level of Artwork Categories (all categories display on the right side of the page) and the top level of Product Types (all product types display under the Department menu on the left side of the page).  At this point, you can drill down by selecting categories of artwork or by selecting product types.


Product Customization

Once a product is selected to order in Zazzle, you have a variety of customizable options based on the product you are ordering, some of the main options are highlighted below.


Apparel Product

Style - You can choose a different style of apparel with over 100 styles to choose from.  Choose the Select all styles located on the lower right side of the page.


Color - For each style, there are color options to choose from and these are located on the lower right side of the page.


Size - You can choose the size of the apparel.  There is a size chart to help you determine the correct size for you.  This is located in the Select a size menu.


Quantity - If you order more than 10 of one product, there are quantity discounts and these are shown in the Qty menu.


Customize - If you want to change the size or rearrange the artwork, you can press the Customize it! button at the bottom of the product.  This provides you with a variety of options.  Any artwork changes are best performed in the Art View, you can enter the Art View by pressing the Show/Hide Art View option in the upper left menu (second option down) - when in this view, try to keep the artwork within the boundaries, otherwise the artwork will be cutoff when printed.  To exit the Art View, press the Show/Hide Art View option again.  You can resize the artwork by the + (larger) or - (smaller) options and move the artwork up/down/right/left by the arrow options on the right hand side.  Under the Edit menu on the right, you can cut/copy/duplicate the artwork and manipulate the artwork on the front and/or back of the apparel or in the Design Area menu on the right you can change the artwork to go on the front pocket.  The artwork can be rotated by selecting the circular arrow option on the right hand side.  The Arrange menu provides flexibility to move the artwork and align it horizontally or vertically within the product print area.  Lastly, the Add Text option on the right allows you to add text on the front or back of apparel and customize the font, size, color, and location of the text. 


Other Products

Most of the Apparel Product tips apply to most other products, with some exceptions and some of these are highlighted below.


Style - Most products support a variety of options (for phones - different models and different manufacturers of phone cases, for laptop skins - different devices/sizes and manufacturers, etc.) and are typically listed on the lower right side of the page.


Color - Most products allow for the color of the background to be changed.  The color palette is located under the Edit menu on the right with the Background option.  Once the color palette is displayed, you can select any color desired and see how it looks on the product as you select each color.


Back Side of Product - On certain products (i.e. pillow, wristlet, luggage tag), when you change the color of the front side background, you need to select the back of the product and change the background to the same color if desired, since the color is not automatically changed on the back of products when you change the front color.  For a luggage tag, you need to select the back side and select the Edit Text option to add your personal information (name, address, phone number) on the back side.


Starting Over

If at anytime, you make changes to a product and want to undo something, under the Edit menu, there is an Undo option to undo the last change.  This can be repeated to undo multiple changes.  If you want to start over, press the window back arrow to go back to the selected product and then choose the product again.


100% Satisfaction

If there are any issues with any product you receive from Zazzle, you can return/replace the product.  To process a return or replacement, on the bottom of any Zazzle page, select the Contact Us option. Once on the Contact Us page, select the Returns option on the top of the page and follow the instructions on the subsequent page.  You can also call Zazzle directly (888-892-9953) to have them help you through a return or replacement.


Note: There are over 100 products that artwork can be placed on in Zazzle, we have standardized on approximately 40 items.  If you want our artwork on any item that is not part of our standard, please let us know and we can create this for you (go to the Contact page and send us an email).

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